August 31st, 1997

Like Novermber 22nd, 1963 and September 11th, 2001, this day will live in the memories of whose who lived through it for their entire lives.

Welcome to the Diana Forum... a place where those who loved Princess Diana can share their memories of her.


Rules for Posting on the Diana Forum

"Rights, Rules & Requirements For the Diana Forum" -- "Rights, Rules & Requirements For the Diana Forum" -- "Rights, Rules & Requirements For the Diana Forum"

Things that are not allowed:

  • Porn, cartoon porn, sexually charged images
  • Obscenities or sexually charged language!
  • Links to Pornographic webpages
  • Internet "graffitti"
  • Name calling
  • Slander
  • Hate for hate's sake
  • Mean spirited attacks on the other posters in the Diana Forum.

    If you disagree with something that is said, you can either e-mail the author or post information which gives another point of view. The purposeful trashing and smearing of a fellow poster will not be allowed.

    No Ad Hominem attacks... you can attack the work... NOT the person!!

    If you do attack the work, please do it in a professional way... not a bitter, mean spirited way!

    Those who ONLY post to attack other posters will quickly be banned!

  • No personal Vendettas against private citizens. Private citizens CAN and DO sue when they are libeled! The difference between a public figure and a private citizen should be fairly obvious!
  • No outright LIES about anyone, public OR private!
  • Posts with nothing but a link are not allowed.
  • Posts devoid of content are not allowed.
  • Complete articles from other sources are not allowed without permission from the writer. If you are posting an article from another source, please quote pertinent paragraphs from the article with a link back to the source, AND tell us why you think article is important. If you fail to do this, and the reason is not self-evident, then the article will be removed.
  • No Advertizements! Well written book reviews are NOT considered advertizements.
  • Posting something on the Diana Forum solely for the purpose of self promotion is NOT allowed. You are NOT allowed to ONLY use us to advertize yourself without giving something back to the Diana Forum. Posts with NO content.... only an AD, will be removed.
  • NO Proselytizing.
  • NO Poster has the right to tell another what they should or should NOT be posting, this is up to the moderators. If you see something especially obnoxious or that violates Diana Rules, please use the link found at the bottom of each post and let us know.
  • NO Hotlinking of graphics:
    Hotlinking of graphics is not allowed. Hot linking is posting a graphic file here that is still housed on someone else's (not yours) server. This is usually accomplished by looking at the image properties and copying the location into a html img tag. This is stealing bandwidth! Bandwidth costs money, and this is considered theft.
    Here is an article on Hotlinking, please review this if you do not understand the concept: SO YOU'VE DECIDED TO HOTLINK AND STEAL BANDWIDTH
  • There is an image uploader. You can upload images. If you know the original website for the image, use internet courtesy and post a link to the original website.

    If you cannot abide by these simple rules, please do not sign up.

    Welcome to The Diana Forum.

    Please share your memories, your thoughts, your research, news items, your feelings, your hopes and your prayers for Princess Diana and her sons.

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